How to use “Hoe gaat het?” in Dutch

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

In many countries, cultures, and languages, it is normal to ask your waiter, the cashier at the supermarket or the busdriver how they are doing. This, however, is considered a bit odd in the Netherlands. We tend to use this question only with people we already know. So, if you ask your cashier “Hoe gaat het?,” you might get a weird look, or the cashier’s entire life story.

There are 3 ways to ask how someone is doing:

  1. Hoe gaat het? Hoe is het?

  2. Hoe gaat het ermee?

  3. Hoe is het met je/jou? Hoe gaat het met je/jou/u?

In the first video of our new series, Joska explains the ins and outs of when to use each of these questions in the Dutch context…

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