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Private Programme

We believe a busy life should not be an obstacle to learning Dutch.



Free intake - no strings attached

First we would like to get to know you a little better! In our 20- to 30 minute intake session (by phone or in person) we assess:

  • your goals

  • your experiences with language learning

  • your educational background

  • the opportunities you have to interact in your daily life

  • your social network, hobbies and interests

  • your learning style

  • your current level

We explain how our method works and see if this approach is best for you, your lifestyle and your goals.

Tailor-made lesson plan and quote

After the intake, we will send you a lesson plan and a price quote. You can ask us to add or remove things, or to change the proposal, if necessary. Take your time to decide whether you'd like to start with us. If you decide not to - no hard feelings!

Getting started

As soon as we have received your confirmation of the proposal, we can schedule the first class.

Available slots

If you prefer daytime classes (9.30 - 17.00), slots are usually available to start right away.


For the early morning slots (8.00 - 9.30) and evening slots (17.00 - 21.00) please take into account that there could be a waiting list. We are a small school with only a handful of teachers!


If you have a preference for a specific teacher, please let us know.

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