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About Rubio Dutch

Why the Rubio Dutch Method?

Guilt and frustration about unfinished homework exercises is an unnecessary motivation killer. Lack of discipline is not the problem, but rather the system itself. Even if you do your homework, there is no guarantee for success outside of the classroom. I wanted to create a method that would clear the barrier between classroom practice and speaking Dutch with confidence in real-life situations.


In our unique Rubio Dutch Method, there is no traditional homework from a book. Grammar explanation is done at home through short instruction videos, and our class time is for practice.
 By cultivating a better understanding of the natural learning process and the feelings and challenges connected to each of the different stages of language acquisition, students learn how to speak with confidence. 

Rubio Dutch helps you stock your toolbox with the practical skills you need to handle those complicated, frustrating, scary or unexpected situations. We  help you actively conquer small domains in daily life, turning them ‘Dutch’, one by one.

Who we are

picture of Joska, owner of Rubio Dutch. White woman, long brown hair, leaning against a tree

Joska Kruijssen (she/her)

My name is Joska Kruijssen, founder of Rubio Dutch Amsterdam. I have been a Dutch teacher for over 15 years and a business owner for about 12 years. I started teaching in Spain, where I lived for 4 years, and where I met my partner Lucho. Fast-forward 12 years, we now have 2 children, a cat and
6 (!) bicycles.

I love working with people from all over the world. I learn from all their different views, ideas and ways of living. It is wonderful to help them with their struggles and see them overcome their shyness and grow in their self-confidence!

Currently, I am writing a book about my method, aimed to help everybody who is learning a second language. In the book, I explain how our brain learns best, how to set motivating goals, how to create good learning habits, how to search for exposure to the language and connection with others, and how to efficiently build grammar and vocabulary that works for you!

Nick Costa (he/him)

I'm Nick, and I work as an administrative assistant here at Rubio Dutch. I'm originally from the United States, but, on my way to the Netherlands, I taught English in China for 2 years.


I've been here for a year and a half now and have loved every minute of it. Of course everyone in Amsterdam speaks English, but if you really want to get to know the people, the country, its history, and its future, you have to learn Dutch!


I have taken 3 courses here at Rubio and found them absolutely invaluable. You're going to love the mindset training (and my personal favourite: no homework!). See you soon!

Picture of our office assistant Nick, dark hair, white skin, beard & glasses, holding his tabby cat.
Picture of Marianne, blond hair with traces of grey, blue eyes, white skin, glasses, holding a book

Marianne Houben (she/her)

I’m Marianne and I have been a Dutch teacher for 12 years, after having worked as a communications researcher and teacher, editor, and organiser of events around social topics.


For the last 5 years, I have mainly worked for Rubio Dutch. I love it because Joska’s materials and philosophy offer everything students and teachers need: clear and simple explanation about the grammar rules, coaching for mental obstacles and lots of fun opportunities to practise. The only way to learn a language is by ‘doing it’! At Rubio Dutch, we make this more pleasant and less scary for you.

People keep surprising me - that’s why I like this work so much. Every student is unique and it is my challenge to recognise the tools and talents people carry within themselves to develop their Dutch language skills. And to help them jump over the obstacles – or find other ways around them…


I’m most happy when students have fun learning and even enjoy making mistakes! Then I can be sure that they will never stop learning.

Saveeta Sing (she/her)

Hi, my name is Saveeta Sing. As a child, I loved to immerse myself in stories and devoured every book I could get my hands on. I greatly enjoyed writing my own adventures and reading to my younger brothers. Except for the last activity, nothing much has changed. You could say I am in love with language, the creation of words and the shape of sentences and stories. That’s why I’m a writer, an avid reader, an editor, a translator and a journalist.


I am also a Dutch-language teacher, because it gives me great pleasure to help students find and use the right words and structures to express themselves in Dutch. I have worked with many students from different countries, cultures and educational backgrounds, and I believe everyone is capable of learning Dutch.


You just need the right method - one that can be tailored to meet your needs and interests. Learning a language should also be fun! You should have lots of opportunities to practise in a creative way that feels ‘safe’ and encouraging; for instance through storytelling. I am a teacher at Rubio Dutch, because they offer all this and more.

Saveeta, black curly hair, dark eyes, olive skin, smile, small necklace, trees in the background
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Edo Harries (he/him)

Will follow soon...

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