In-Company Programmes

No textbook homework.

Learn what you need.

Turn practice into a habit.

Our programme offers a solid grammar base, tools to start communicating immediately and no traditional homework exercises from a book. The programme is tailor-made, focused on the relevant skills: business Dutch, intercultural communication, tools and tricks to have agency in conversations and to overcome shyness about speaking. Our In-Compancy programme teaches Dutch to achieve personal or professional goals.

Our courses requiere minimum class preparation time and maximum progress. No worksheet homework exercises or hours of memorising words. Before going to class, participants prepare by watching short instruction videos, tailor-made for the content of each week's class. In the classroom we work with the content prepared at home, so we optimise classroom time for practice, exercises, role play, games and other language acquisition methods.
 Each students will set and work towards specific goals with the help of our teachers.

To secure and optimise progress, we offer several add-ons to roll out within your company, for example:


I. Co-worker Connection Project

The first steps in a new language can be very scary. If, all of a sudden, Dutch-speaking co-workers start to question the new learners in Dutch, and laugh about their funny pronunciation, it can feel quite intimidating. Still, practicing at the office is a great idea! Through a soft approach, connecting native speakers with learners, we create the safety that new speakers need to start experimenting. We offer helpful insights for both native speakers and learners at the office to make the most of our programmes.

II. Dutch Lunch Programme

Once a week, all the course participants and the native speakers in the office can get together to practice Dutch during lunch. We provide topics and game ideas, and offer a 20-minute instruction for native speakers at the office, so they can be better practice partners for their learning coworkers.

III. Dutch Communication Corner

Get the whole office involved, online or offline, by creating a Dutch corner for sharing new words or asking questions, or exchanging funny expressions or images. Learners can ask questions or write down new words they have encountered, and Dutch-speaking colleagues can add useful phrases, give explanations, or add other content.