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Dutch TV, what to watch?

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Dutch public TV

There is this great website, where you can watch any program produced and broadcasted by Dutch public television. I explicitly recommand documentaries and reality tv-shows, as unscripted tv, unlike drama series and movies, is closer to how people in real life express themselves: sloppier, with more expressions, hesitations, repetition, unfinished sentences and genuine emotion. It’s the real thing. All the below mentioned programs you can find on, using the search option.

Important: Did you know you can watch all NPO programs with Dutch subtitles? Just press teletext 888 on your TV or click on the T in the online player and subtitles will appear realtime!

Tv-programs Beginners (suitable to watch with your children)

  1. Zandkasteel > childrens program with huge puppets living on a beach

  2. Sesamstraat > the good ol’ sesame street

  3. Kikker > cartoon about a melancholy frog and it’s friends

  4. Buurman&buurman > stop-motion show about two dexterous friends messing things up

  5. Pim en Pom > Cartoon about two naughty cats and a voice over.

  6. Woezel en Pip > Cartoon about dogs

  7. Koek en ei > Young children learn about nature with a forest ranger

  8. Ben en Holly’s > English TV program dubbed into Dutch

  9. Peppa Pig > If you can stand her.

  10. NOS Jeugdjournaal > the world news in easy and childfriendly language

  11. Freeks Wilde Wereld > Crazy biologist looks for amazing animals in the wild.

  12. Studio Snugger > Is it true or false? Common things explained for kids, who then have to guess whether it is true or false.

  13. Klaas kan alles > Dutch dude gets impossible assignments and tries to defy all laws of nature.

  14. Knofje > Beautifully designed and styled program about a little girl and her family, seen through the eyes of a 4 year old.

Tv-programs Intermediate

  1. Buitendienst > A hilarious show for older kids on the functionings of nature

  2. Onze man in Teheran > A Dutch reporter living in Teheran shows us the peculiarities of Iranean society

  3. Taarten van Abel > A show in which children decorate a cake for someone special in their lives

  4. Ik Vertrek > Reality TV. Dutch families leave behind everything to start a new life somewhere else. But before they find their expected hapiness, many things go wrong

  5. Hoe haal ik de 100? > With the support of a group of doctors and a dietitian, people with chronic illnesses like diabetes try to change their lifestyle.

  6. Katja’s Bodyscan > An popsci program that uses the newest scientific insights to explains how fear works, how our body ages, how you can trick your brain

  7. Baby Te Huur > Reality TV > Young couples experience what it means to be a parent when they take care of a baby for a few days.

  8. All Inclusive > Reality TV. Single moeders en vaders gaan met hun tienerkinderen naar een resort in Turkije om de liefde te vinden.

  9. Metropolis > A hilarious program that interviews common people from all over the world on topics like love, sexuality, food, family.

  10. Amor met een snor > A Dutch reporter living in Mexico travels through Latin America to find out more about the role of love, music, family, and machismo in society.

  11. Keuringsdienst van Waarde > Reporters try to pin through the marketing bubbles of the food industry and discover what our food really is made of. Funny and interesting.

  12. Ali B op Volle Toeren > Beautiful program where young Dutch musicians meet up with the older generation to create something new. An interesting insight in Dutch culture and the changing society.

Tv-programs Advanced

  1. Mocro of Kaaskop > A Moroccan Dutchie digs deep to find out who he really is, Dutch or Moroccan. Or something in between?

  2. De Wereld Draait Door > A talkshow about news topics, with various guests

  3. Zondag met Lubach > A humoristic perspective on the news and Dutch society.

  4. 3Doc > Documentaries on various topics, like music, politics, human interest

  5. A’dam en E.V.A > Funny and realistic drama serie that takes place in Amsterdam, about a girl and a boy falling in love in spite of life.

  6. VPRO Tegenlicht > Behind the news: insights and backgrounds.

  7. Verborgen Verleden > People learn more about their ancestors and where their roots lie by digging deep into the family tree. With interesting results!


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