Reverse Studyology

1. No old school sit-down-with-a-book homework.

Step 1: Prepare for each class with short grammar instruction videos.
Step 2: Practise in class
Step 3: Choose what language skills you will integrate in your daily life that week and practise without changing your routine.

2. Mindset coaching

Overcome your shyness to speak outside of the classroom. Learn how to handle your perfectionism. We give you:
- Practical tools
- Understanding of the natural stages of learning
- Tips&tricks to influence and control your Dutch conversations (in an environment where everybody speaks English to you)

3. Unique study materials

Our Reverse Studyology program and the videos associated with it, have all been completely developed by Rubio Dutch. You won’t find them at any other language school!

4. Individual attention

Small classrooms, easy access to your teacher, easy access to the school director.

Groups are small: no more than 8 students, ensuring enough individual attention to keep an eye on your progress.

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