The Rubio Dutch Method

1. No old school sit-down-with-a-book homework.

Step 1: Prepare for each class with short grammar instruction videos.
Step 2: Practise in class
Step 3: Choose what language activities connected to your goals you want to integrate in your daily routine that week and start building a bridge between classroom practice and your daily life.

2. Mindset coaching

Overcome your shyness to speak outside of the classroom. Learn how to handle your perfectionism. We give you:
- Practical tools
- Understanding of the natural stages of learning
- Tips&tricks to influence and control your Dutch conversations (in an environment where everybody speaks English to you)

3. Goal-setting

We start by creating clear and tangible goals for each step in your learning process. This way you know where to focus your attention, plus it will give you the positive feedback you need to maintain motivation.

4. Creating efficient learning habits

We look at your existing routines and habits and seek ways to use them as a cue for practicing the Dutch skills you need, connected to your goals. We help you to create opportunities to connect and interact in Dutch. Every week we evaluate what works and doesn't work, and we tweak the system to fit your ever-changing journey into becoming fluent.

Groups are small: no more than 9 students, ensuring enough individual attention to keep an eye on your progress.

To learn more about the levels, click here. Not sure what the right level is for you? Click here
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  • All Year Round Conversation Course (A2+) – Start when you want!

    All Year Round Saturday Morning Conversation Course


    Rubio Dutch Effective Dutch for Busy People:
    No Homework & Mindset Coaching

    You need to be at an B1 level or higher for this course. Not sure what your level is?
    Please contact us, and we’ll send you a more in-depth level test or arrange a short intake phone call.

    For more information, or a free intake call, no strings attached, you can also send an email to:

    Effective Dutch Conversation Classes (B1)
    We offer classes every two weeks, you pick and choose what lessons you’d like to attend.
    Start: Start whenever you want! Classes will take place every two weeks, you attend the ones that are interesting to you, see schedule below. You have 4 months from the date you sign up to take the 5 classes.
    Teacher: Marianne Houben
    Time: 10.30h – 12.30h
    Schedule: 5 class package of 2 hours each (10 hours total)
    Structure: Students purchase credits for 5 classes (10 hrs) and are free to use these credits in a period of 4 months (8 classes) for the lessons they choose.

    Price: € 240,- for 5 lessons (10 hours, within 4 months),  € 344,- for 8 lessons (16 hours, within 6 months)
    Participants: 5-15 persons

    Content: Making small talk, navigating social situations, getting more information, having conversations with service providers, teachers, doctors, etc., giving opinions, requesting and giving instructions, expressing criticism, resolving conflict, having respectful debate, giving an elevator pitch for yourself or your ideas, how to participate in meetings, brainstorming, etc.

     12 september Het is altijd lastig om je mening te geven en te discussiëren. Daarom gaan we hiermee weer oefenen. Hoe kun respectvol van mening verschillen en je eigen standpunt sterk maken? Debatteren over een thema.
     26 september Feedback geven, zowel positief als negatief. Hoe vertel je iemand wat je vindt van zijn of haar werk, gedrag of uiterlijk? Hoe breng je slecht nieuws? Maar ook: hoe kun je een compliment geven?
     10 oktober Spreken over de toekomst. Plannen maken, maar ook spreken over toekomstige obstakels en omstandigheden. We gebruiken in deze les ook veel ‘zullen’ en ‘zou/zouden’.
     31 oktober Iemand vragen iets voor je te doen (een verzoek) of een instructie geven is in Nederland misschien anders dan je gewend bent. We oefenen situaties op het werk, met vrienden, kinderen, buren en clubgenoten.
     14 november Spontaan een korte (elevator pitch) of iets langere presentatie over jezelf of een thema geven blijft een uitdaging! We oefenen hiermee en ook met vragen beantwoorden.
     28 november De feestmaand komt eraan met borrels en diners. We spreken met elkaar over Nederlandse feestgewoontes en oefenen met snelle gesprekjes met bekenden en onbekenden, zoals collega’s bij de kerstborrel en ouders bij het schooldiner.
     12 december Spreken over vroeger. We duiken in het verleden en vertellen verhalen over gebeurtenissen van vroeger. We oefenen met de perfectum/imperfectum, maar ook met beschrijvingen en details.

    More dates will follow soon!!


    Looking forward to meet you soon at our school!

    -By paying for this course, you pay for five lessons out of eight that must be used within four months. The conversation course consists of eight lessons total, of which you may attend any five. Pick and choose the lessons that interest you! After the first series of 8 lessons, we might continue with more conversation lessons throughout the year.

    -Please note that we require a minimum number of students in order to run the course. If you sign up and we do not reach this number, you receive a full refund. We will confirm whether or not the course goes ahead one week before the scheduled start date.

    As you know, these are strange times, with the coronavirus spreading. Therefor all our classes take place online, until further notice. Thanks for your understanding!


    If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know!
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  • Creative Writing Workshop “Schrijfplezier!” – Saturday 21 November 2020

    Schrijfplezier! Creative Writing in Dutch

    Our course ‘Schrijfplezier’ at Rubio Dutch Amsterdam is aimed to help you with fluency, self-confidence and your personal style and voice in Dutch. In this creative writing course, we not only help you with grammar and vocab, but also guide you to find your unique way of expressing yourself in Dutch, taking in account the cultural use of words and language. Furthermore, we teach you the tools to self-correct your own texts, so you can continue to learn after the course has finished. In this course there will be a combination of shorter and longer writing assignments, online and in class, frequent online feedback by the teacher and fellow students, and three 2-hour live group sessions.
    We practice with letters, emails, short summaries of events, blogs, poetic texts, presentations, descriptions of situations, places or people, and dialogue writing.

    The main goal of this course is to improve your Dutch repertoire and your vocab, so you can express yourself more easily. Also, finding joy in using Dutch is an important goal of the course. Find the words that fit your personality! The more you enjoy using a language, the less effort it takes.

    Course content
    3 group sessions of 2 hours each (once a month, maximum 8 participants)
    5 longer writing assignments and many short writing exercises in class and online
    online written feedback from your teacher and other participants after each assignment
    2 private sessions (phone or zoom, 30 min each) with the teacher for personal feedback and questions

    What you need
    level B2 Dutch or having finished the Intermediate II course at Rubio Dutch (if in doubt about your level, please contact us at for a short level test)
    a laptop or computer and access to internet
    a reliable dictionary like Van Dale, Prisma or NT2 woordenboek, or
    availability to come to our school in Amsterdam for the 3 live sessions

    Course calendar

    Activities Dates & Deadlines
    Handout assignment 1 Thursday 12 November
    Deadline assignment 1 Thursday 19 November
    Live session 1 (2 hrs)

    Handout assignment 2

    Saturday 21 November 2020

    10.30-12.30 hrs

    Deadline assignment 2

    Deadline written feedback group & teacher

    Handout Assignment 3




    1st private session with teacher 30 minutes via Zoom/Skype/WhatsApp or phone (to be planned)
    Deadline assignment 3

    Deadline written feedback group & teacher



    Live session 2 (2 hrs)

    Handout assignment 4

    Saturday 9 January 2021

    10.30-12.30 hrs

    Deadline assignment 4

    Deadline written feedback group & teacher

    Handout assignment 5




    2nd private session with teacher 30 minutes via Zoom/Skype/WhatsApp or phone (to be planned)
    Deadline assignment 5

    Deadline written feedback group & teacher



    Live session 3 (2 hrs) Saturday 13 February 2021

    10.30-12.30 hrs

    This course is 395 euro per person, including course materials, 3 live sessions, the 2x 30min online zoom/phone private sessions with the teacher and the online feedback from your teacher. Our courses are exempt from btw (VAT).

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  • Upper-Intermediate ONLINE Evening Course, Mondays & Wednesdays (B2- > B2+/C1-) – 28 September

    Effective ONLINE Dutch Evening Course

    Upper-Intermediate (B2- >B2+/ C1-)

    Rubio Dutch Effective Dutch for Busy People:

    No Homework & Mindset Coaching

    Not sure what your level is? Please contact us, and we’ll send you a more in-depth level test or arrange a short intake phone call.

    For more information on evening courses, click here. For more information, or a free intake call, no strings attached, please send an email to:

    Effective Dutch Upper-Intermediate Course:

    Start: Monday, 28th of September
    Teacher: Marianne Houben
    Time: Twice a week, Mondays & Wednesday, 17.30h – 18.45h
    Schedule: 16 classes of 1h15min each (20 hours total)
    Price: € 475,-
    Participants: 5-10 persons


    We gaan werken aan het verdiepen van de grammatica en extra aandacht besteden aan het verbeteren van ingesleten fouten (denk aan woordvolgorde, gebruik van perfectum/imperfectum en uitspraak). We gaan ook meer oefenen met schrijven, tekstanalyse, woordenschat en langere spreekopdrachten. De cursus is grotendeels gericht op vaardigheden die van belang zijn om goed te functioneren in een Nederlandssprekende werkomgeving. We oefenen met vergaderen, presentatie geven, mening geven en onderbouwen, dicussieren, zakelijke emails schrijven, sociale conventies op de werkvloer, effectief communiceren met Nederlandse werknemers, solliciteren en het houden van een elevator pitch.

    Grammatica verdiepen en extra oefenen: conditioneel, zou/zullen, er, complexe zinnen en woordvolgorde.

    Vaardigheden: instructies geven, verzoek doen, kritiek geven, klachten, argumentatie, advies geven, conflicten oplossen, uitleg geven, ruzie maken, empathie tonen.

    Woordenschat: synoniemen, uitdrukkingen, werkwoorden (vaste prepositie, separabel, betekenisnuances).

    If you have any further questions, get in touch by email:

    Hope to see you soon at Rubio Dutch!

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