The Rubio Dutch Method

1. No old school sit-down-with-a-book homework.

Step 1: Prepare for each class with short grammar instruction videos.
Step 2: Practise in class
Step 3: Choose what language activities connected to your goals you want to integrate in your daily routine that week and start building a bridge between classroom practice and your daily life.

2. Mindset coaching

Overcome your shyness to speak outside of the classroom. Learn how to handle your perfectionism. We give you:
- Practical tools
- Understanding of the natural stages of learning
- Tips&tricks to influence and control your Dutch conversations (in an environment where everybody speaks English to you)

3. Goal-setting

We start by creating clear and tangible goals for each step in your learning process. This way you know where to focus your attention, plus it will give you the positive feedback you need to maintain motivation.

4. Creating efficient learning habits

We look at your existing routines and habits and seek ways to use them as a cue for practicing the Dutch skills you need, connected to your goals. We help you to create opportunities to connect and interact in Dutch. Every week we evaluate what works and doesn't work, and we tweak the system to fit your ever-changing journey into becoming fluent.

Groups are small: no more than 9 students, ensuring enough individual attention to keep an eye on your progress.

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  • All Year Round Conversation Course (B1+) – Start when you want!

    All Year Round Monday Evening Online Conversation Course

    Rubio Dutch Effective Dutch for Busy People:
    No Homework & Mindset Coaching

    You need to be at an B1+ level or higher for this course. Not sure what your level is?
    Please contact us, and we’ll send you a more in-depth level test or arrange a short intake phone call.

    For more information, or a free intake call, no strings attached, you can also send an email to:

    Effective Dutch Conversation Classes (B1)
    We offer classes every two weeks, you pick and choose what lessons you’d like to attend.
    Start: Start whenever you want! Classes will take place every two weeks, you attend the ones that are interesting to you, see schedule below. You have 4 months from the date you sign up to take the 6 classes.
    Teacher: Marianne Houben
    Time: Mondays, every other week, 19.00h-20.40h
    Schedule: 6 class package of 1 hour 40 minutes each (10 hours total)
    Structure: Students purchase credits for 6 classes (10 hrs) and are free to use these credits in a period of 4 months (8 classes) for the lessons they choose.

    Price: € 240,- for 6 lessons (10 hours, within 4 months)
    Participants: 5-15 persons

    Content: Making small talk, navigating social situations, getting more information, having conversations with service providers, teachers, doctors, etc., giving opinions, requesting and giving instructions, expressing criticism, resolving conflict, having respectful debate, giving an elevator pitch for yourself or your ideas, how to participate in meetings, brainstorming, etc.

     Maandag 14 december


    Spreken over vroeger. We duiken in het verleden en vertellen verhalen over gebeurtenissen van vroeger. We oefenen met de perfectum/imperfectum, maar ook met beschrijvingen en details.

    More dates will follow soon!!


    Looking forward to meet you soon at our school!

    -By paying for this course, you pay for six lessons that must be used within four months. Pick and choose the lessons that interest you!

    -Please note that we require a minimum number of students in order to run the course. If you sign up and we do not reach this number, you receive a full refund. We will confirm whether or not the course goes ahead one week before the scheduled start date.

    As you know, these are strange times, with the coronavirus spreading. Therefor all our classes take place online, until further notice. Thanks for your understanding!
    If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know!
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  • Intermediate II ONLINE Course (B1- > B1+) – Monday 23 November

    Effective Dutch (Online) Evening Course

    Intermediate II (B1- > B1+)

    Rubio Dutch Effective Dutch for Busy People:

    **NOTE: This course is scheduled to take place online. Because of the limited amount of space in our classrooms, it won’t be possible to keep 1,5m distance in group classes.***

    No Traditional Homework & Mindset Coaching

    Not sure what your level is? Please contact us, and we’ll send you a more in-depth level test or arrange a short intake phone call.

    For more information on evening courses, click here. For more information, or a free intake call, no strings attached, please send an email to:

    Effective Dutch Intermediate II Course:

    Start: Monday November 23 (classes every Monday and Wednesday), last class Wednesday January 27
    Time: 17.30-18.45
    Schedule: 16 classes of 1 hour and 15 minutes each (20 hours total) (December 19 till January 3rd off for holidays)
    Price: € 475,-
    Participants: 4-9 persons
    Teacher: Marianne


    • How to use “zullen” in all its forms
    • How to use “zouden” in all its forms
    • Modal verbs, their use and meaning
    • Word order in the sentence: complex sentences
    • Complaints: written and spoken
    • Moving house: finding a new place to live
    • Perfectum/imperfectum: use
    • Plusquamperfectum
    • Reflexive pronoun
    • Passive form of the verb
    • Die or dat
    • Continuous Tense
    After this course you will know how to:
    • understand the main points of clear standard input on familiar matters regularly encountered in work, school, leisure, etc.
    • deal with most situations likely to arise in daily life in an area where the language is spoken.
    • produce simple connected text on topics that are familiar or of personal interest.
    • describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes and ambitions and briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.

    If you have any further questions, get in touch by email:

    Hope to see you soon at Rubio Dutch!

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