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Are you struggling with these issues while learning Dutch?

  • I am afraid to make mistakes

  • I find learning Dutch too frustrating

  • I think I am bad at languages

  • I don’t like (or even hate!) the language

  • I don’t feel connected to Dutch society or culture

  • Everybody speaks English to me

  • I have no discipline for learning

  • I have a hard time with the grammar or I lack the vocabulary

  • I don’t feel like I can be myself in Dutch



Due to the current situation with COVID-19, all of our group courses are held online. Private classes are available both online and offline, depending on and following government guidelines.

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Ralista Rizvanolli

Ralitsa Rizvanolli,
Impact Investing Professional

Partnering with Rubio Dutch has changed my entire experience of living and working in Amsterdam.  I feel much more integrated now and chat with ease with colleagues, other parents and friends. I even dare to have the occasional work meeting be conducted all in Dutch. But it wasn’t always that easy...


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