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Speak with Confidence

Effective Dutch for Busy People and Shy Speakers

Our building blocks

Our method: mindset coaching, goals&motivation, exposure, habits, grammar&vocab, interaction tools

Are we the right school for you?

What we offer:

  • No traditional homework, but practical exercises incorporated in your daily routine

  • Grammar and  vocabulary focused on your daily life/work and your goals

  • Support to set a clear and motivating goal and to get there step-by-step

  • Grammar instruction videos to watch at home, to free up class time for practice

  • Communication tools to effectively connect and interact with others

  • Tools&tricks to bridge the gap between theory and practice

  • Mindset coaching to overcome shyness and grow confidence

Curious to find out more about our method? Learn more...

Is Rubio Dutch the school for you?

  • Do you want to learn Dutch without doing homework from a book?

  • Do you feel memorizing lists of words doesn't work for you?

  • Do you want to feel confident when engaging in conversation?

  • Do you want to stop worrying about making mistakes?

  • Do want to work towards a clear goal and feel in charge of your own learning process?



Because of the covid-19 lockdown, all our courses and classes currently take place online.
To give you enough opportunity to practice during lockdown, we offer free online conversation practice meetings for all our students levels A1 - B1 (halfway Beginners I course to end of Intermediate I)!