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This is a picture or Rali. She has darkblond curly hair, white skin, small earrings. She is smiling.
Ralitsa Rizvanolli,
Impact Investing Professional

Partnering with Rubio Dutch has changed my entire experience of living and working in Amsterdam. I feel much more integrated now and chat with ease with colleagues, other parents and friends. I even dare to have the occasional work meeting be conducted all in Dutch. But it wasn’t always that easy.
As a typical expat, I struggled to learn Dutch. I did some lessons that my work provided, but small talk was a big effort and I dreaded the conversations at my son’s school. I was acutely aware of how much I lacked everyday vocabulary and how I was still thinking in English and trying to translate into Dutch.
Then I found Rubio Dutch. I worked with Joska for 3 months, but in this short time, I overcame the main barrier; namely, the lack of confidence. She helps you to push towards a very specific goal that is tailored to your personal needs. I am an overachiever, so on day 1 my goal was 'I want to be fluent in Dutch'. Joska rather helpfully pointed out that this is an unattainable goal, because the goalpost moves constantly: the more you improve your Dutch, the more fluent you would want to become so you would never feel like you made any progress. Setting realistic milestones for your learning path is absolutely crucial. This gave me focus and a sense of purpose.

When I later started the Conversation & Confidence Course with Marianne, I particularly enjoyed the social aspect of meeting other expats. The format of these lessons is fun and focuses on helping you understand the cultural nuances and how those play out in communication. Grasping metacommunication is as important as actual communication. I also appreciated the emphasis it had on the importance of emotional intelligence (e.g. understanding the point of view of the person you are communicating with).
Rubio has a unique method of teaching that extends way beyond language and includes elements of coaching which for working adults is extremely useful. I would recommend Rubio to anyone who wants to finally start feeling at ease speaking the language of the country they live in. You will feel much more like you belong!

This is Joanna, she has black half long wavy hair, white skin. She is wearing a white blouse.
Joanna Jossif, Architect

I have tried various Dutch language courses and I can say that Rubio Dutch is in a different league. It's not only because both Joska and Marianne are great teachers that listen and try to make the lesson fit to your needs, or that they send useful links of Dutch media every week.

To me the most brilliant part of their method is that the 'boring' grammar part of the lesson is done through pre recorded videos and class time is used for practice and interaction. This works very well for me, as I don't always have the headspace to absorb grammar rules. This way I can watch the videos whenever it suits me, as many times as I want and not miss out on things during class.

Mimi has black long hair, olive skin, dark eyes. She is wearing an orange shirt and is smiling
Mimi Ocadiz,

Rubio Dutch offers the perfect balance between professional lessons and a pedagogical approach that is fun! Joska is a committed teacher that tailors each lessons to my needs, in order to overcome my personal obstacles and achieve my own goals. She has not only helped me to recognize grammar mistakes and how to improve my pronunciation, but also to acknowledge which are the mental barriers I’ve created for myself.

As many foreigners, I was so used to speak English or other languages, and therefore I never achieved real progress with the Dutch language. Joska, with her smart yet gentle guidance, has helped to dare to speak, write, read and listen to Dutch from a very different angle. After each class I feel more and more motivated - and even excited - to make this language a part of my life.

Alessandro has short dark hair, white skin, moustache, big sunglasses. Behind him there is water.
Alessandro Barbini, Senior Manager

I signed up for Beginners I after being recommended Rubio Dutch by a colleague. Delivering a class over Zoom is much harder than in person, yet the teacher (Edo), did a great job in creating rapport, progressively instilling confidence and competency in all the learners, and most importantly keeping the class fun. I definitely feel I have learnt new things and I feel much more confident now especially in trying to use Dutch in my daily life.


Already signed up for Beginners 2!

This is Stephanie. She has half long brown hair, light eyes, white skin, big smile.
Stephanie Hughes,
EMEA Head of Operations

Rubio Dutch helped me to gain the confidence to speak and to come closer to achieving my goal by breaking it  down into smaller achievable chunks. The class topics are relevant to my life, rather than text book learning. Dutch class became something I looked forward to rather than something I had to do!

This is Danielle. Blond, almost red hair, big smile, very light skin, glasses, colorful shirt
Danielle N. Carter,
Academic Copywriter

 I can say wholeheartedly that Rubio Dutch is a fantastic place to learn Dutch! This is not a one-size-fits-all language school. All the assignments and activities are catered to the needs and desires of the students, and there’s plenty of guidance and assistance on a personal level so that students really get the most out of these classes. All of the teachers are welcoming and supportive, making Rubio Dutch a truly no-fear space for learning Dutch.

Rubio Dutch logo, 4 almost circles from darker red to light yellow in the center, resembling a flame
Ruth Kobus

I have known Joska as a teacher for the past 5 years. She is great at using her instincts and knowledge to define the most suitable learning track. Also, she gives attention to the greatest hurdle we foreigners in the Netherlands face: the courage to communicate in Dutch. Her teaching method offers the needed confidence and technique to express oneself in the most effective way. Finally, she has ample teaching and world experience, which has allowed her to experience different cultures first-hand, so she gives good advice around multicultural work settings.

Rubio Dutch logo, 4 almost circles from darker red to light yellow in the center, resembling a flame
Erica and Beni
(3-time Rubio Dutchers)

Our first experience with Dutch (in another school) was extremely stressful. We both work full time but found ourselves buried into homework without time for our hobbies or even to rest. Then we knew we had to find some other option, and we found out about Rubio Dutch, with the promise of "Dutch for busy people". Rubio Dutch flips the script and makes the best use of our time: we love that the videos about grammar and overall concepts and tips are sent prior to the class. They are clear and concise, and you can watch as many times as you need, in your own time. This is brilliant, because in a normal class you might have difficulty to follow, but a teacher might not stop just for you... During class, the time is used to ask questions and practice, practice, practice! Honestly, we think that's how any school should work! It was also remarkable how Rubio Dutch quickly adapted to the Covid situation, literally weeks before the course would start. We would highly recommend Rubio Dutch for anyone who wants a clever use of your precious time with a realistic workload.

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