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Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Our Rubio Dutch method, without traditional homework, is a unique study programme developed by Rubio Dutch. All of the materials, lessons, and videos have been prepared and developed specifically for individual attention so that each student’s skills are encouraged in a way that is unique to his or her learning process.

Because of this unique programme, class sizes are kept small so that students and teachers have more one-on-one interactions and the study programme can be tailored to students’ interests and progress.

We use Rubio Dutch Instructional videos to prepare for next week’s class. For vocab, help you choose words/verbs wisely, instead of crowding your notbeook with vocab you might never need, and we teach you to add triggers to each new word, so that you can actually access it and use it in the moments you need it. We help you to start to use Dutch outside of the classroom. Our classes focus on handing you the tools to overcome shyness, fear or feelings of embarrassment!

Each course is developed for a specific level and the content of teaching is personalized for the students in class. To discover more about each of the individual courses, click here or to email us if you have more questions about your level or about registering for classes.


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