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6 Fun Opportunities To Practise Your Dutch

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

We have selected some cool things to do, that will at the same time help you with your Dutch.

1. Meet new people and practise your Dutch at the Amsterdam Language Cafe! Every month, the Amsterdam Language Cafe hosts a Dutch evening to practise your Dutch while you meet interesting and fun people. It’s an initiative of Dutch language school Koentact.

2. Amsterdam Dutch Language Meetup Group Every week the Dutch Language Meetup Group organises gezellige encounters. With the impressive record of 465 past events and over 4,000 members, this group has proved itself a great success. Don’t be shy! Everybody needs to start somewhere, and both the Language Cafe and the Dutch Language Meetup Group are great opportunities to overcome your shyness to speak in a safe and controlled environment.

3. One-on-One Language Exchange If you are more a one-on-one type of person, you might want to check this out: Conversation Exchange is a platform that connects people who are looking for a language exchange. You can search by location, language you’d like to learn, and language you speak.

4. Practise with a volunteer going about daily life Gilde Samenspraak connects Dutch neighbors with people who’d like to practise their Dutch. You pay a one-time 30 euro sign-up fee, and the rest is free. It’s not a Dutch class, but a real conversation practise opportunity. You can go out and do things together, like the groceries, or visit a museum.

5. Conversation practise at home If it’s difficult for you to meet up in a cafe for a language exchange with a stranger, or walk into one of the language meetups, then Amsterdams Buurvrouwen Contact might be for you. A volunteer comes to your house to practise Dutch with you.

6. Extra: Fun evening out at Mezrab Dutch Storytelling Night Mezrab is an experience you should not miss. Attend one of the beautiful storytelling evenings, where everybody is welcome to share a story. Your Dutch doesn’t need to be perfect AT ALL! Too shy to participate? Just go and enjoy yourself listening to all the beautiful, funny, unexpected, and eye-opening stories that are shared.


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