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Tamara Buziashvili

Quality Assurance Manager

“Joska is the best language teacher I have ever had! I started taking individual Dutch classes with her as a beginner with an aim to pass the NT2 exam as soon as possible. She continuously provided me with tailored lesson planning and handouts, which she had created to further facilitate progress. Aside from the clear structure, good materials and guidance, she also left space for any questions I had in relation to Dutch language in general and/or the assignments I had completed. Her feedback to my assignments or speaking exercises were consistently sharp, clear and constructive. In sum, I could feel my language skills improve literally week by week!

Apart from her excellence as a language teacher, I have to say, what makes her extra special is her attitude and personality. Joska is very friendly, flexible, positive, ethical and inspiring! Her personality motivated me to study better and keep my spirits up when either work or personal life was getting more stressful.
To cut it short, following her guidance and planning, I passed all four parts of the NT2 exam in one go! And just in case I have not made this clear enough :), I strongly recommend you to consider her as your Dutch language teacher.”

Darcy Dwyer

R&D Engineer at Quby

“Joska is an extremely dedicated teacher.  She tailors her classes to student needs and desires, and keeps classes fun and interesting.  With the small class size, students have many opportunities to practice their speaking skills during class.  She also coaches students on how to exercise their new Dutch skills outside of class.  The video assignments are short but offer a good overview of the new grammar concepts that we practice during class.  Overall, Rubio Dutch is a great program for busy professionals.”

Özüm Saygi

Management Consultant, Epiphany

“Ik heb me bij Joska voor het NT2 examen voorbereid en nu volg ik een cursus bij haar om mijn Nederlands naar een hoger niveau te brengen. Joska is een gemotiveerde, georganiseerde en doel georienteerde docent. Vooral als je je voor het NT2 examen moet voorbereiden. Zij heeft onder andere een hele goede lesstructuur voor de NT2 voorbereiding. Hoewel zij veel huiswerk geeft als je wil, is het makkelijk om haar “Nederlands voor drukke mensen” cursus te volgen waarin je geen huiswerk hoeft te doen. Persoonlijk wordt mijn Nederlands sneller beter als ik zo veel mogelijk huiswerk doe, maar alles is mogelijk bij Joska! Zeg maar wat voor les je graag wilt en ze maakt het mogelijk met dezelfde kwaliteit. Dankzij haar kon ik dit stuk in het Nederlands schrijven 🙂 Dank je Joska!”

Nina Pavlovska

International Programme Manager dance4life

“I enrolled for Joska’s private courses and I was stretched out of my comfort zone so I can learn the most. My teacher spoke Dutch all the time and challenged me to practice in a variety of ways. The classes are highly interactive and designed to fit your personal goals and learning styles. I love the variety of methods and positive energy that was inspiring me to become better. Hartelijk bedankt!”

Maité Rago

Business Development Manager

“Joska prepared me for the NT2 Exams, which I passed without a problem. Later on, Joska supported me in achieving a professional level so that I could work in Dutch. Currently, we are polishing my level by looking at what my needs at work are and where my common errors lie, while taking into account aspects of my own background and the Dutch culture. By taking this holistic approach to language, Joska is helping me improve my Dutch skills in order to have a better stand at my Dutch work setting and society overall. Joska’s personal method is flexible, inspiring, and most importantly, successful. I would highly recommend Joska’s services to all foreign professionals.”

Gergana Petrova

External Relations Officer RIPE NCC

“Overcoming the fear of speaking Dutch and making mistakes was a big challenge for me. My lessons with Joska helped a lot. We discuss various subjects and role-play situations. Joska is very easy to talk to and corrects the most important mistakes without stopping me at every word. The two other aspects from the lessons that stand out for me are the summary grammar sheets and the variety of exercises that we do. I would highly recommend the lessons for people with little time who want to see results quickly.”

Soledad Ortega

Translator Dutch-Spanish

“Ya llevo unas cuantas semanas siguiendo clases con Joska… y cada día pienso que es la mejor decisión que tomé. Ella es una profesora que trabaja con sus alumnos ahí donde uno más lo necesita. Tiene un método de enseñanza muy didáctico y el material que utiliza es muy adecuado y claro de entender.

Sus clases aparte de ser muy amenas e interactivas están dirigidas a las verdaderas necesidades del alumno. Ella absuelve al momento todas las preguntas y te da ese “empujoncito” que necesitas para seguir adelante! Su energía es en realidad contagiosa!

No más me queda recomendar a Joska como tu profesora de holandés, pues aparte de ser una excelente profesora su manera de llegar a sus alumnos la hace especial!”

Florencia Grasseli

Music therapist

“I will totally recommend Joska. She is a great teacher! I was looking for a Dutch private teacher but didn’t have much luck. Normally private lessons are not well structured. From the beginning she focused on my needs and came up with a plan, dates and objectives for every lesson. Being a therapist and needing to speak Dutch for my work, her background in psychology was of great use in our lessons. Because she understands what I was talking about. If you want to learn Dutch in a methodological form, to learn what YOU want and what fits YOUR needs, I will totally recommend her. She is also a very warm person which adds to the whole picture.”


Let us know what your goals are, and we’ll help you with a step-by-step plan to get there.

Any questions about our method? About our courses and classes? About Rubio Dutch? About prices? Leave us your email address and/or phone number, let us know how we can help you, and we’ll contact you asap!

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Let us know what your goals are, and we’ll help you with a step-by-step plan to get there.

Any questions about our method? About our courses and classes? About Rubio Dutch? About prices?

Leave us your email address and/or phone number, let us know how we can help you, and we’ll contact you asap!

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