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Effective Dutch for busy people and shy speakers

Rubio Dutch Private Program

Effective Dutch for Busy People and Shy Speakers

We believe a busy life should not be an obstacle for learning Dutch.
We believe something different is possible: a guilt-free way of incorporating Dutch into your toolbox.
Our program offers a solid grammar base, tools to start communicating immediately and no traditional homework exercises.

A tailor-made program, focused on relevant skills: grammar, intercultural communication, tools and tricks to gain control over conversation and to lose the shyness to speak, Dutch to achieve your personal or professional goals.


What makes our method so special?
We are the first private language school to do schoolwork at home and homework at school. This means no homework from a book after class–just two or three 5-minute grammar instruction videos to prepare for next week’s class, and one mindset video to give you insight in the learning process and the tools to deal with the feelings and obstacles you might encounter. When you walk into the next class, you come in well-prepared and we can start practicing right away! No more guilty feelings about homework left undone, and the funny thing is, progress is just as good–if not better–than in a traditional setup.

How is that possible, if I don’t do any homework exercises?
One of the main goals of our method, is to create a solid bridge between theory and practice. Instead of studying theory in class and at home, we give you the tools and support to actively put to practice in your real life, what you have practices in class. Class time is optimized, because all the grammar explanation is done at home, on your sofa, whenever it suits you. You can watch the videos as many times as you want. In class, we practice through a wide range of exercises, role-play, games, challenges, and more. Then you use your daily routine as your Dutch playground: slowly we incorporate every time more Dutch into your life. After each class, you pick the new skills you’d like to incorporate into your routine, ranging from ordering in a cafe or asking a coworker for his weekend, and participating in meetings, to changing your mobile phone settings to Dutch, or switching off gmail translate for your Dutch incoming emails.

The hardest part for me is to speak to strangers, friends, family and co-workers. How can you help me break that barrier?
All those helpful Dutchies answering in English, and oh, that vulnerable feeling when you try to mumble some Dutch words… That’s where we get to the second component of our program…

We think learning a language is not just about words, grammar and practice. Learning a language puts you a in tight spot: you feel vulnerable, exposed, and maybe even dumb or silly. In our classes, we hand you the tools to gain control over communication. What are the options when you lose track? How can you feel mor confident and in control over your conversations? How should you switch from English to Dutch? How should you deal with shyness, panic, embarrassment, fear, or shame? How should you keep a conversation going, actively listen and respond, and use body language as part of communication? How should you deal with rude and impatient conversation partners?

For a little more advanced learners, we also look at the cultural component. Why can it be so hard to get something done, without causing irritation or misunderstandings? What are the unwritten laws you need to keep in mind when dealing with Dutch natives? Language is not just a one-on-one transcription from one language to the other: what sounds nice and polite in one language may be rude in another. Let us help you express yourself more truly to who you really are.

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Reviews of students

Tamara Buziashvili

Quality Assurance Manager

“Joska is the best language teacher I have ever had! I started taking individual Dutch classes with her as a beginner with an aim to pass the NT2 exam as soon as possible. She continuously provided me with tailored lesson planning and handouts, which she had created to further facilitate progress. Aside from the clear structure, good materials and guidance, she also left space for any questions I had in relation to Dutch language in general and/or the assignments I had completed. Her feedback to my assignments or speaking exercises were consistently sharp, clear and constructive. In sum, I could feel my language skills improve literally week by week!

Apart from her excellence as a language teacher, I have to say, what makes her extra special is her attitude and personality. Joska is very friendly, flexible, positive, ethical and inspiring! Her personality motivated me to study better and keep my spirits up when either work or personal life was getting more stressful.
To cut it short, following her guidance and planning, I passed all four parts of the NT2 exam in one go! And just in case I have not made this clear enough :), I strongly recommend you to consider her as your Dutch language teacher.”

Özüm Saygi

Management Consultant, Epiphany

“Ik heb me bij Joska voor het NT2 examen voorbereid en nu volg ik een cursus bij haar om mijn Nederlands naar een hoger niveau te brengen. Joska is een gemotiveerde, georganiseerde en doel georienteerde docent. Vooral als je je voor het NT2 examen moet voorbereiden. Zij heeft onder andere een hele goede lesstructuur voor de NT2 voorbereiding. Hoewel zij veel huiswerk geeft als je wil, is het makkelijk om haar “Nederlands voor drukke mensen” cursus te volgen waarin je geen huiswerk hoeft te doen. Persoonlijk wordt mijn Nederlands sneller beter als ik zo veel mogelijk huiswerk doe, maar alles is mogelijk bij Joska! Zeg maar wat voor les je graag wilt en ze maakt het mogelijk met dezelfde kwaliteit. Dankzij haar kon ik dit stuk in het Nederlands schrijven 🙂 Dank je Joska!”

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Let us know what your goals are, and we’ll help you with a step-by-step plan to get there.

Any questions about our method? About our courses and classes? About Rubio Dutch? About prices? Leave us your email address and/or phone number, let us know how we can help you, and we’ll contact you asap!

No strings attached!


Let us know what your goals are, and we’ll help you with a step-by-step plan to get there.

Any questions about our method? About our courses and classes? About Rubio Dutch? About prices?

Leave us your email address and/or phone number, let us know how we can help you, and we’ll contact you asap!

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