Tunes & tips for practicing Dutch

, 28th of July 2017

When you think of Dutch culture, the first thing to come to mind likely isn’t music. There are, however, plenty of Dutch singers and bands that are popular throughout the country and they can even help you learn a bit of Dutch!

Listening to Dutch music and singing along helps you with pronunciation, with intonation, with the development of a intuition for what sounds ‘correct’, and it gives you new vocab (if you take the time to look up the words you need at

Dutch music is usually the good ol’ smartlappenzangers like Marco Borsato and Andre Hazes, but many people don’t like that kind of music.

Here are some alternatives: If you like one of the songs below, look for them on YouTube with lyrics and sing along!

De Kift

Stuurbaard Bakkebaard

Eefje de Visser

Doe Maar

De Raggende Manne

De Heideroosjes — the most well-known Dutch punkband

Drukwerk — a classic!

Veel plezier!


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