Explaining our course fees

, 25th of July 2016

There are Dutch courses that are cheaper than ours. There are also a lot of Dutch courses that don’t use the same unique methods and provide the same benefits that ours do. This post is meant to explain, in more detail, our course fees.

First of all, the Reverse Studyology method is completely unique to Rubio Dutch. This method, and all of the explanation pages, coaching emails, and instructional videos that go along with it, were all developed by Rubio Dutch. This method and these materials aren’t available anywhere else.

Of course, a good method is nothing without some fabulous teachers to teach using the method. Here at Rubio Dutch, we appreciate our teachers, and we pay them a fair and dignified wage that can support their lifestyle. Furthermore, each of these teachers are highly qualified and they’re each trained in the Rubio Dutch Reverse Studyology method.

Because the method used at Rubio Dutch is so personalized, we keep our course groups small. This is necessary to get more individual attention and to create an environment in which students are encouraged to take risks with their language practice and feel confident in themselves.

We pay taxes on every dime that we make: Rubio Dutch wants to contribute to society and we cherish our schools, infrastructure, and healthcare system. That’s why we don’t accept under-the-table payments.

Finally, as Rubio Dutch is a growing and developing business, a significant portion of the revenue from our classes is reinvested into the school. We continue to invest in improving our method, our teachers and our school: our profit is reinvested to maintain the high quality of language learning we hoped to establish from the beginning!


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